Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie review

Sometimes the “start to eat more healthy” approach to regaining your health isn’t good enough.  In fact, most people set New Years resolutions relating to losing weight or getting back into an exercise program.  The slow steady approach, touted as the most healthy and maybe the easiest way often is scrapped after a short while when no great progress is seen or a path of “it’s too hard” is run up against.  If this sounds like you then taking the plunge maybe right for you.  In this case Joe pressed ctrl-alt-delete to REBOOT his life.

Joe Cross fasted for 60 days to save his life. He was fat, sick and nearly dead, and drank only fruits, vegetables and greens that he juiced for 60 days to reboot his body.  Watch the movie here.  He traveled across the US with a juicer and a generator.

The closer a food is to it’s natural state the more healthy it is.  Raw vegetables and fruits are full of micronutrients which are essentially your vitamins and minerals.  All plant foods are beneficial and essential to your immune system. Veggies are the delivery system that brings the sun’s energy to our cells giving them the micronutrients that we need to keep our cells healthy. Juicing your food means you are eating vegan and raw and those lifestyles/eating patterns are proven to be drastically healthier than the SAD (standard American diet).

Dr. Joe Fuhrman  explains in the movie that Americans are forced to overeat because the body is craving nutrients and the junk that goes in doesn’t contain enough so the body is still starving for nutrients even though the amount of calories consumed is way too much.  When you fill your stomach with plant foods it satiates you (get that feeling of fullness_ and you get enough nutrients.  With meat and oil it’s very easy to overeat.

Dr. Fuhrman says the modern world is suffering from too much processed foods and too many animal products.  He sees people committing suicide with food and says too many people are nutritionally ignorant.  He wants to change that.

The typical American plate is

  • 1/2 meat
  • 1/4 overcooked vegetables or white potatoes
  • 1/4 white refined carbohydrate

Put another way Americans eat:

  • 60% processed, convenience and refined foods (these foods have less than 1% of the nutrients that’s in the food in it’s original state)
  • 30% animal products
  • 5% whole grains and white potatoes
  • 5% fruits and vegetables

Economical too.  Juice fasting cost about $14 dollars a day using regular supermarket products and close to $30 a day buying organic products.  Compare that with groceries plus one month of multiple prescription drugs and you will find there is no comparison.

Joe met Phil, a truck driver that weighed 400plus who eventually asked Joe for help.

What an amazing story of both of these men and the people they met.

Joe’s motto is moderation, not perfection.

Please watch the movie.  There is a website www.fatsickandnearlydead.com

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