Protein Powder for Vegans/Vegetarians

I’m so sick of people saying to me what are you doing about protein?!  I am getting protein of the highest caliber.  In fact the protein that you get from animals and animal products (like milk or cheese) is indeed a total protein but then our bodies have to break it down to it’s smallest components to then build it back up to match our own bodies needs.  Cow protein is perfect for cows, humans need our own perfect protein.  This extra work in breaking down cow protein is unnecessary and more taxing on the body.

Sun Warrior has a new vegan protein with a complete amino acid profile made from organic raw plant-based protein.  It is great tasting, comes in vanilla or chocolate, smooth consistency, and proven to help with fat reducing, muscle mass building, raising metabolism and increasing your energy levels. 

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One thought on “Protein Powder for Vegans/Vegetarians

  1. nope you’re missing the point rilnetey. I’m traveling, so showing people how to maintain healthy habits whilst on the go. On this trip I was eating restaurant food most of the time and this routine allowed me to at least get some high nutrient food in my system. If you’re a student, then study hard so you can eventually earn the money to afford them!!!!!

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